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My name is Sue McHardy & I am thrilled you are here!

I have been helping women transform their lives & bodies for over 30 years. My goal is to help you lose weight, tone up, look & feel amazing.

My Mandate...

to help you be the very BEST version of YOURSELF inside & out.

I believe we all need to strive for life balance. For optimal health, we need to balance lifestyle, manage stress, properly nourish ourselves, and MOVE!

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The non-judgmental fun and upbeat environment was exactly what I craved to start mye transformational change. Sue helped me find both physical and emotional strength. I look better, feel great and have shed a few pounds of fat in exchange for muscle in the process. 


Hitting middle age meant I hit a wall. I was gaining weight like a run-away freight train! I began attending fitness classes with Sue and she helped to increase my health, endurance and physical strength. Sue introduced me to her WOW weight loss classes and all I can say is – WOW! I have steadily lost a healthy one to two pounds per week without feeling hungry. 


“I am a woman in my 60’s and have been overweight for many years. I started following one of Sue’s nutritional programs and have steadily lost 35 pounds, at a healthy rate.   It has been simple to follow the meal plan, I don’t feel hungry and I am enjoying the food.  I especially appreciate the grocery list that comes with each week’s set of meals.


At 54 I was struggling with menopause...the muffin top and that never ending thick feeling despite working out regularly. 

Completing Sue’s 6 week challenge was the BEST!  The plan was easy to follow, the recipes were amazing and so simple. Seeing results each week was so inspiring. Sue’s plan taught me that I need to balance my blood sugar through proper protein, good fats, and the right carbs to fuel my body!


Tosca Reno

Author, Fitness Model, Columnist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

“I have spent the last decade and a half, training with various coaches, to achieve a lean and tight physique. At times I have been in body building mode and at other times, I have been in fitness model and bikini competitor mode. At this point in my life, it is far more important to build a powerful and strong body from deep within.

I asked Sue to work with me to achieve a physique that would take me long into my years, functioning as it should. We also had a goal to prepare me for 6 cover shoots and a TV appearance with PBS. These were highly specific goals. Any images that would result from these, would last a lifetime. I wanted to represent myself and the legions of women who follow me, in an authentic and achievable way.

This is what Sue has accomplished for me.

Through her demanding workouts, harnessing the power of core work, circuits, Tabatas and more, we were able to create that long, lean, powerful look I was aiming for. Sue doesn’t waste time getting to the point of working hard. If you waiver for one moment in your concentration, intensity of workout or core engagement, she is there to remind you to “squeeze tighter, push harder and finish strong.”


For the first time in my life I have power from my core.

This is a deep strength that promotes confidence, proper balance and flexibility. I am so very happy with what we have accomplished. Thank you Sue, for your fierceness in the gym and for pushing me. You are not only a coach but a friend. I am deeply grateful.”