My first love and passion has always been MOVING AND SHAPING THE BODY through exercise! It feels good to move, our bodies are meant to move, it feels right to move!

One on one personal and semi-private training sessions are offered in the comfort of your home or the comfort of the studio.  I will assess your starting point, together we will review your goals and body composition to benchmark results, and we will tailor an individual program to meet those goals. This is best done in conjunction with a nutritional assessment for optimal results. Please contact me directly for pricing, which may vary on location and the addition of an optional nutritional consultation package. 24 hours notice required to cancel without a fee.

Group Classes: Maximum of 7-8 per class. Reserve your spot early! First come, first serve to class. 24 hours notice to avoid a fee on cancellations.


JILLIAN MICHAELS BODYSHRED!!! 30 minutes of non-stop sweat & burn!!! This class uses Jillian’s patented 3:2:1 format for overall muscle “shredding”, ample cardio, and a quick core recovery, for four non-stop total body circuits (30 minutes)! You will be dripping with sweat by the end, and your muscles will be fatigued! Throw in a little extra core at the end, with an extra strength Tabata, and you are good to go!

HIIT: “High Intensity Interval Training”: with the intent of creating the much desired “afterburn”! 8 exercise “rounds”: 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds rest- a great fat burning workout- you will feel powerful (and exhausted) after this workout, and your body will continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours post workout!

“CHALLENGE”: Sue’s newest format! One 12 minute lower body circuit, one 12 minute upper body circuit, and 10 minutes of cardio HIIT at the end. Two Core Tabata’s will complete this amazing workout! This will definitely fatigue your entire body!!!

TABATA: Four minute “rounds” of exercise, based on Dr. Izumi Tabata’s timing system. This class incorporates bodyweight resistance, dumbells, kettlebells and more to work your entire body, incorporating cardio intervals and core work. A very efficient total body workout! Short, sweet & sweaty!

SPIN: 40 minutes of intense cardio, mixing sprints, climbs and Tabata to build lean muscle in the legs and maximize calorie burn! Be prepared to sweat it!



(Effective Sept/19, subject to change):

45 minute classes: $15 Pay as You Go, $120 for a 10 pack of classes, and $230 for a 20 pack

1 hour classes: $15 Pay as You Go, $130 for a 10 pack, and $240 for a 20 pack


One Hour = $65

5 One Hour Sessions= $300 ($60/session)

10 One Hour Sessions= $550 ($55/session)



  • Cardio is like hitting the jackpot in Vegas: do a lot of it, reduce calories and you will lose weight in the short term, as long as you continue to do it. Building muscle is like depositing in a long term investment account: it will build and grow and boost metabolism FOREVER!
  • The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns every day! A pound of fat burns approximately 2 calories per day, a pound of muscle burns closer to 50 calories per day. Muscle is METABOLICALLY ACTIVE.
  • Muscle changes the shape of your body: it is denser and more compact than fat.
  • To achieve fat loss: INTENSITY TRUMPS DURATION: keep the workout short and push yourself for the time you have available!
  • Work for “afterburn” through intervals and intensity: the much desired EPOC: Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption: this means your body continues to burn calories at an accelerated rate for hours after the workout. Isn’t this what we all want?
  • Long, steady state cardio DOES NOT create “afterburn”: you will burn calories only while you are doing the cardio, and your metabolism will return to normal shortly thereafter. In fact, long bouts of cardio will release cortisol (the stress hormone responsible for increasing belly fat). The body perceives the long cardio session as a stress on the body.