Fitness class photo at Ignite Fitness

Group Fitness Class

Maximum of 8 people per class, based on first come, first serve.

Reserve your spot early!

Please contact Sue for the location details.

24 hours notice to avoid cancelation fees.


HIIT Class

“High Intensity Interval Training”: with the intent of creating the much desired “afterburn” (EPOC)! Four 8 minute Circuits: 45 seconds of work to 15 seconds transition- a GREAT fat burning workout! You will feel powerful (and exhausted) after this workout, and your body will continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours post workout!


One 12 minute lower body circuit, one 12 minute upper body circuit, 10 minutes of HIIT cardio, plus core Tabata’s and glutes to complete this amazing workout! This class will definitely fatigue the entire body!

Tabata Class

Four minute “rounds” of exercise, based on Dr. Izumi Tabata’s workout timing system. This class incorporates bodyweight resistance, dumbells, kettlebells, and more to work your entire body, incorporating cardio intervals, and core work. A very efficient total body workout! Short, sweet & sweaty!


Outdoor and indoor total body workouts, incorporating dumbells, resistance bands, body resistance, and of course cardio intervals! This class is has it all!

Kangoo Jumps

This class is a HUGE CALORIE SCORCHER!!! As much as we need strength training in our lives, we also need CARDIO!!! Cardio burns calories, strengthens the heart, creates afterburn, and moves the lymphatic system (boosting the immune function). One hour of Kangoo Jumps can burn between 500-600 calories, which is the equivalent of running on the treadmill for the same length of time. But Kangoo Jumps reduces impact on the joints by 70-80%, increases calorie burn, and is just plain FUN!!!


1 Hour Classes: $15 PYG, $130 for a 10 Pack of classes, or $240 for a 20 pack.

* Subject to change